Oklahoma City Thunder Coach Scott Brooks Taking Pride In Team's Offense

By John Raffel
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Brooks is one lucky guy.

He’s coaching the Oklahoma City Thunder and with all the talent he has, his job could be the most enjoyable in the NBA. He has his own personal dream team with the likes of Kevin Durant, Kevin Martin, Kendrick Perkins, Thabo Sefolosha and Russell Westbrook.

It’s not that Brooks hasn’t developed a few anxious moments along the way – every NBA coach does. But now it appears, in Brooks’ own words, that the Thunder are clicking on all cylinders and that makes them a fun team to watch and coach.

Hs team drubbed the Phoenix Suns 127-96 Friday night and Brooks had the Thunder playing outstanding defense. The result was forcing 16 Phoenix turnovers and getting 30 defensive boards. Brooks wants this to be a defensive team. He has, to his credit, reinforced it in the minds of his players that he wants defense to be the top objective and his team is showing it.

Brooks said it was the offense that prevailed Friday night. Coaches don’t usually use the win by offense motto – Brooks does.

And why not? His NBAteam had 30 fast break points, and 62 points in the paint.

Brooks also watched as his team set a record for this season with 72 points in the second half, shooting a whopping 72.7 percent clip from the floor in the fourth quarter.

His main job is using his talent to the fullest extent. He is obviously smart in emphasizing defense, but letting the offense hang lose and having his five best players all contribute is a simple-but wise strategy.

It could also get the Thunder back in the NBA finals.

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