Andrew Bynum’s Injury Update Not As Confusing As His ‘New Do’

By Phil Naegely
andrew bynum
This is what one of Andrew Bynum’s normal hair days look like. It looks much better than what his hair looked like at today’s press conference. Photo by USA TODAY Sports.

Today after the Philadelphia 76ers practice, Andrew Bynum provided another update to the media. It wasn’t much of an update, but was better than his press conference last Monday and provided a possible timeline for Bynum’s return.

Bynum said in the press conference today that “he is a few weeks out from one on one drills.”  Both coach Doug Collins and Bynum said that it is quite possible that he will have to play through the pain at some point this season. Also, it is possible that Bynum comes back in March or at some point before the season is over.

He will be heading to New York tomorrow to see Dr. Jonathan Glashow, the same doctor who operated on teammate Jason Richardson. Apparently Dr. Glashow has some new software to show Bynum that will show him what is going on with his knee.

At some point, Bynum will have to play with pain. I don’t think it should be this year unless the Sixers are making a serious playoff push in the second half of the season, but I think that is very unlikely.

I understand that he is a free agent at the end of the season and Sixers fans want Bynum to actually play, but I think Philadelphia will be able to re-sign him to a low risk contract worth very little until he can prove he can play and make an impact.

Then if he is actually the Bynum we all know from the Los Angeles Lakers, give him a richer contract later on if his knees and his play hold up.

While Bynum’s injury update was a decent enough update, his hairdo was very startling. It was a half corn row half afro haircut. Personally I have never seen anything like it before and he looked kind of foolish. What compelled him to have his hair like this? It is just another question to add about Bynum.

Andrew Bynum Weird Hairdo
Photo Credit to USA TODAY Sports

We shall wait on to see if Bynum will return this season or if he will even sign with the Sixers next year. If neither ends up happening, then the whole trade for Bynum will be a total bust for the Sixers.

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