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NBA Playoffs: 6 Reasons Why Miami Heat Will Win 2013 NBA Finals

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The Big Three Will Reign Supreme: Six Reasons the Heat Win the 2013 NBA Finals

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The 2012-13 season is the third year for Pat Riley’s Big Three NBA superpower experiment led by Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The Miami Heat have had flashes of brilliance and moments of greatness, including an NBA Championship last season, but nothing quite worthy of all of the hype that came with this team when it was assembled.

They hosted a “Wrestlemania” style pep rally before the three superstars ever stepped foot on the court, James participated in a ridiculous TV special "The Decision" and there were thundering promises of multiple titles. At the time, the entire charade seemed completely absurd. How could these three names (and egos) find a way to co-exist? Who was the team leader? Who played second (and third) wheel?

The Heat proved last summer they have what it takes to be a dominant NBA force. This became more frightening when they managed to get even better during the offseason. The result is a 2013 Heat team playing a dominant brand of basketball, the likes of which have rarely been seen in the sport.

This dominance was put on display during a 27 game win streak that most were surprised didn't stretch out even longer. Everything seems to be going right and falling into place for Miami. This is a team with a look of determination that manages to intimidate the living daylights out of the majority of the league.

So without further adieu, here are six reasons the Miami Heat are an absolute lock to hoist the O’Brien trophy this June.

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They've Been Here Before

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The Heat are a team undoubtedly led by Lebron James. While he has made trips deep through the playoffs and the finals in the past, he finally cashed in a championship in 2012. The team, as a whole, was a group with an unreal amount of talent that hadn't finished the job. It appears that has all changed in 2013.

They'll enter the playoffs with a winning formula in mind. With the addition of veteran Ray Allen, they'll have the poise and composure it takes to repeat in the Finals.

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Depth Off the Bench

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It's tough to argue against Miami for having the most feared starting rotation in the NBA. The depth and options coach Erik Spoelstra has available on the bench make this team an even greater force to be reckoned with. Ray Allen, Shane Battier and Norris Cole are all players that would start on most NBA rosters. To Miami, they are serviceable options to keep their superstars' minutes down and to take some miles off of their legs during the playoffs.

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Three Point Shooting

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When the Heat signed Ray Allen during the offseason, it was assumed that Miami would become a better three point shooting team because of the addition. The idea that it would be contagious wasn't a given.

Miami is one of the strongest three point shooting teams in the league (at .395%), only bested by the Golden State Warriors (at .402%). Opponents have no choice but to focus a great deal of attention on the dynamic offensive presence of James, Wade and Bosh. This will guarantee three point specialists Battier, Allen, and Mario Chalmers open looks. The Heat can beat opponents in a multitude of ways. If they're shooting the three pointer well, it will spell trouble for opponents throughout the playoffs.

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Team Chemistry

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The Big Three are now three full seasons into their tenure as a unit in Miami, and have finally developed the chemistry it takes to be a long-term force in the NBA. They work like a well-oiled machine on the court, and appear to be a group of guys that genuinely enjoy each other off of it.

This is a huge key to winning championships. The Heat are a group that seem content in their respective roles with the team, all working towards a common goal.

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They Won't be Truly Tested Until the Finals

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The Heat will cruise through the Eastern Conference Playoffs. They shouldn't have to overexert themselves in their trek to the Finals, which will pay dividends in sharing minutes and avoiding injuries.

Quite the opposite will happen on the other side of the bracket. The Western Conference Playoffs will be a full on war. Look to see many of these series going seven games. The group making it out of the West alive will be worn down before they get a shot at the best team in the NBA.

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Lebron James

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The probable and deserving NBA's Most Valuable Player has put together one of the most impressive campaigns ever seen in 2013. He has always possessed phenomenal athletic ability, but found a way to harness and transform it into a truly historic season. One of the more impressive stretches included an NBA record setting streak of six 30 point games, all at a shooting percentage greater than 60%.

Lebron's 2013 season is one for the record books. It would be difficult to imagine it concluding without another NBA title notched in his belt.