Mark Jackson Put in Check By Denver Nuggets Broadcaster

By Devin O'Barr

I understand that the bond between player and coach is especially strong, but the rigor of the NBA playoffs can make even the best coaches turn into drama queens. In his first postseason appearance as the Golden State Warriors head coach, Mark Jackson went out of his way to protect Stephen Curry and it’s a little childish.

Jackson is no rookie to playoff basketball, nor is he foreign to tough play considering the bully ball that was played while he was in the NBA from 1987-2004. Apparently all of that went out of the window and he wanted the national media to sob about the Denver Nuggets apparently sending “hit men” after leading scorer Curry.

Jackson fired a shot when he said this and Nuggets broadcaster Scott Hastings fired back saying “I thought he was classless” when talking about the coach’s criticism of Denver’s players. Considering that the only two flagrant fouls called in game five were indeed against the Warriors — Jackson failed to mention that in his post game whine parade — he may have a point. Curry is a walking broken ankle, so Jackson sticking up for him like an elder brother is cute, but taking a shot at the Nuggets is childish.

Maybe if Jackson worried about getting production from players like Klay Thompson instead of getting teary eyed over imaginary hit men his squad could finish on the winning side of the scoreboard. There are twelve players on each roster, and whoever scores more points wins. Stop crying to the media and keep it simple. Nonetheless, Hastings of the Nuggets had every right to bash Jackson right back considering the coach’s ignorant outlook on the Denver players’ motives.

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