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2013 NBA Playoffs: Top 5 Reasons Why Derrick Rose Could Show Up for Playoff Showdown

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Top Five Reasons Why Derrick Rose May Show Up for Playoff Showdown

Rose in Suit

During the regular season, sightings of Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose were few and far between. Since the start of the 2013 NBA Playoffs, however, the formerly elusive Rose has been both visible and vocal from the Bulls’ bench.

Coach Rose, as he’s been dubbed by teammate Taj Gibson, calls out plays to his team from the bench. He gives them advice on offense and defense. He is active, he is encouraging, and he is one of the first to congratulate guys on good plays or to give an enthusiastic slap on the back for a job well done.

As the Bulls attempt to advance in the NBA Playoffs, Rose’s increased visual and vocal presence on the sidelines has his legions of fans wondering: Will Derrick Rose show up for the playoffs? Will he heed the silent call of his incredibly supportive but excruciatingly injured and ailing teammates who desperately need his expertise on the basketball court?

That is the $64,000 question or, in Rose’s case, it’s a $94 million question – the amount of his five-year contract extension that he signed with the Chicago Bulls last season.

Although it still appears that there is no definitive answer to the question, more and more it is starting to look as if Rose may suit up (and I don’t mean in a suit and tie) for the playoffs. Why?

Check out the following reasons why it appears that Derrick Rose could finally be ready to show up for a playoff showdown.

Hollie M. Woods is a writer for Rant Sports covering the Chicago Bulls and the NBA. “Like” her on Facebook.

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Steve Kerr Thinks Rose Should Return

Steve Kerr
Kirby-Lee/USA Today Sports

Former Chicago Bulls guard, Steve Kerr, currently an NBA analyst, weighed in on the issue recently with ESPN radio. He reiterated his support for Rose but stated that Rose owes it to his injured teammates to get back out on the court. Kerr added that since Rose was cleared (medically) to play and has been scrimmaging five-on-five since February, showing explosiveness and dominance, Rose should show up to play, even if it’s just a matter of minutes and especially if his reluctance is just a matter of regaining his confidence.

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Reggie Rose Thinks Derrick Is Almost Ready

Mike Dinovo/ USA Today Sports

Rose’s brother Reggie Rose has indicated that Derrick could possibly return to the Bulls as early as the second round of the NBA playoffs. Speaking with the Chicago Tribune (via NBC Sports Rotoworld) Reggie said that his brother is close to being 100 percent and could possibly return against the Miami Heat in the second round because he is working hard, getting a lot of shots up each day, getting his mind ready and getting comfortable with his body.

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Tom Thibodeau Would Welcome Rose Back Anytime

Tom Thibodeau
David-Banks/USA Today Sports

Coach Tom Thibodeau is non-committal and will make no predictions about his superstar’s return to play. However, when asked directly whether a Rose return during the playoffs could be a possibility, he never ruled it out completely. Coach Thibodeau has maintained that Rose would be welcome whenever he decides that he is ready, even in the playoffs.

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Derrick Rose Never Closed The Door On His Return

Rose at Berto Center
Jerry-Lai/USAToday Sports

Rose never closed the door on a return to the Bulls this season. When pressed about his return, he has hinted that he could be ready next week or as early as tomorrow but has offered nothing definitive. Though Rose has had very little to say on the subject of his return, the mere fact that he never ruled out a return to basketball this year speaks volumes. “He’s a good 90 percent,” Reggie Rose said of his brother’s prospective return (via NBC Sports Rotoworld) and that’s a good thing for Chicago.

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Love Of The Game Will Lead Him Back

Dennis-Wierzbicki/USA Today Sports

Derrick Rose is a phenomenal basketball player – three-time NBA All-Star, former NBA Rookie of the Year, and even when he sustained the ACL injury last year, he was still the league’s reigning MVP. He’ a guy who loves to compete and he does his best talking on the court. The love of the game will lead him back and when he’s ready, he will join his team on the court. It just may be sooner rather than later.

Hollie M. Woods is a writer for Rant Sports covering the Chicago Bulls and the NBA. “Like” her on Facebook.