Will Chris Paul Stay Local and Sign With Los Angeles Lakers?

By Scott DelleFave
Chris Paul
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Soon-to-be free agent Chris Paul has a difficult decision looming: does he stay put with the Los Angeles Clippers or does he test the open market, which includes a likely offer from a team that plays in the same arena as the Clippers in the Los Angeles Lakers?

The easy answer is yes, he will stay in L.A. but will sign with the Lakers because the Lakers have been the most stoic franchise in sports history bar none. They are in dire need for a point guard to lead the team into the future since Kobe Bryant isn’t getting any younger and this was likely the end of the road for Steve Nash.

Bringing back Dwight Howard would give Chris Paul additional incentive to switch L.A. teams as by giving him legit big guy who they can re-take the Western Conference back from the San Antonio Spurs and return to dominance sooner than later. Additionally, the Clippers always seem to have a knack for bringing in very good talent but then letting them walk at the end of their contract.

The downside of bringing in Paul is that he has never played a full 82-game season in his eight-year career so far and injuries were the dagger that ended the Lakers’ season. The idea that the Lakers had Chris Paul for about an hour back in December of 2011 on the eve of when the NBA was slated to return from their own lockout that cost the league numerous games is another reason why there is talk of Paul to the Lakers. All and all, if CP3 switches L.A. teams, all the better for the “Lake Show”.

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