Is The Kevin Garnett, Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce, Doc Rivers, DeAndre Jordan Trade Scenario Still Alive?

By Kaylyn Neely
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Stephen A. Smith reported that the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers may engage in a blockbuster trade situation on ESPN First Take, or at least, it’s being talked about. The trade involves Doc RiversKevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for some combination of Blake GriffinDeAndre Jordan and/or Eric Bledsoe. The trade is so far out into left field that it basically turned into a joke.

However, on Wednesday, Smith went into deeper details on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show on WEEI-FM in Boston. According to Smith, while this trade isn’t probable, it’s still possible. It’s being discussed.

It cannot be forgotten that Smith called the LeBron James “Decision” two weeks before it happened. His sources lay out that James and Chris Bosh would join Dwyane Wade in Miami. When considering this, Smith’s sources seem pretty solid.

The Clippers want Kevin Garnett and they have since before the trade deadline. Garnett has thus far refused to waive his trade clause. If Garnett was going to waive his clause as stated earlier this season, it will be because he’s being traded to Los Angeles and because Pierce has been taken care of as well.

Smith re-enforces the point that the Clippers would engage in this theoretical trade to re-sign Chris Paul. The Clippers can offer Paul $30 million more than any other team so it’s in his best interest to force the ideal roster for himself in Los Angeles rather than explore his free-agency options.

Paul wants help on the front line. Smith explains that Paul realizes Griffin and Jordan can’t give him enough room to operate because they don’t have the post skills to pull guys out of the paint.

Smith makes it clear that Celtics President of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge‘s will ask for the house if it means Garnett and Pierce. This means that the Celtics will ask for Griffin. He’s the only player the Clippers have worthy of Garnett and Pierce.

Smith says the Clippers will try to get the Celtics to take Jordan instead of Griffin. But Ainge’s will try to get Griffin, whether it makes sense for the Clippers or not. Smith says Ainge’s will try to steal Griffin in the same manner he stole Garnett.

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