That's a Wrap: Chris Wilcox

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Chris Wilcox
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics forward Chris Wilcox had an uneventful season this past year, and it would be quite shocking to see him back in a Celtics uniform next season. A 6’10″ forward out of Maryland, he was re-signed by franchise last offseason, and it appeared he might have had an opportunity become a member of the rotation. As time passed, not much changed with his playing time. He played occasionally during the thick of the season when head coach Doc Rivers needed to focus on resting and taking it easy with his core players. There was no point throwing Kevin Garnett out there for 35 minutes every night and physically wearing him down for the playoffs. That was the type of opportunity that Wilcox got. Rivers never would have put him in a meaningful situation, and it had to be disappointing for Wilcox as he starts to age in NBA terms. He will be turning 31 this year, and his body is clearly starting to look like it could break down any time now.

The odds of Wilcox returning next season are slim to none. He gave the team nothing this season, and the franchise would be much better off just re-signing Shavlik Randolph for similar money instead, or taking a forward this summer in the draft. The organization would be much better off signing someone with fresher legs and perhaps more athleticism. This is not bashing Wilcox as he is a great teammate; there are just better options out there for the franchise. GM Danny Ainge will certainly be on the lookout for another big man this summer.


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