Greg Oden Showing Promise in Recent Workouts

By Devin O'Barr
Greg Oden watches an NBA game
Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NBA Draft class is nothing to write home about, however one workout from an ex-first overall pick is gaining a ton of steam. Greg Oden was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers with the first overall pick in 2007 and has only 82 games under his belt.

After numerous comebacks, the former Ohio State Buckeye has teased us all throughout the years, but his former college teammate, sharpshooter DeShaun Thomas, has nothing but good things to say about his current skills.

“Man, [Oden] looks unbelievable,” Thomas said.

Thomas really has no reason to lie to scouts, so the praise is definitely noteworthy.

We have heard all of this before, which makes it almost impossible to get hyped about a seven-footer who has shown just how brittle he can be. Centers in the NBA are like left handed pitchers in the MLB, because no matter how bad of a history or how awful of production there is always a want and a need for both.

Although Oden remains a free agent and is working out in his hometown of Indianapolis, I could definitely see the big Buckeye heading south to Phoenix where the Suns are desperate for some sort of spark and have little to no production underneath the basket.

Oden needs to show general mangers around the league that he is durable, however, he won’t be able to display his improved health unless he is actually signed by a professional team. One thing is for certain, whatever Oden can give a team in 2013 will only help his tattered and non-existent legacy.

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