Oklahoma City Thunder Need A Scoring Big Man

By Jared Porter
Kendrick Perkins on Marc Gasol
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Think about all of the NBA championship teams in the past decade. The one thing they all had in common was a scoring big man. Maybe not necessarily big, but someone who played the center position and could score baskets.

The point I am trying to make is that Oklahoma City Thunder center, Kendrick Perkins, will not be the guy they need moving forward. I get it, he brings a certain attitude and swagger to the team and he can play okay defense, but his inability to score the ball — sometimes inability to even handle the ball — is plaguing the Thunder from reaching their ultimate goal of becoming NBA champions.

The option of amnestying Perkins this offseason is something the Thunder organization should think about very seriously. The Thunder organization is not known for throwing money at problems in the past, and paying off Perkins for him to go to another team just so they will not be in the luxury tax, is not a typical move, but something drastic may need to be done in order to get somebody on the Thunder roster to play the low post with effectiveness.

Perkins is a great player in the NBA, and he deserves to go to another team where he is needed, but the Thunder need something else that he simply cannot provide. It is highly unlikely that with the age of Perkins he would be able to improve his offensive game in the offseason. The Thunder will likely have to go out and get a more talented, coordinated center to play for the team next season.


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