Kevin Durant Follows Up Million Dollar Donation with Trip to Moore, Oklahoma

By Marian Hinton
Jerome Miron: USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant is simply a good guy. If anyone had their doubts about that, those doubts should have been silenced when news broke that he donated an impressive one million dollars to help the victims of the tornado that swept through Moore, Oklahoma earlier this week. Today, the NBA standout took it a step further and paid the town a personal visit.

Durant, originally from Maryland, played his college ball for the Texas Longhorns before heading up to Oklahoma (via a brief stint in Seattle). Since then, he’s given so much to the state and its people–even beyond the game of basketball.

Earlier today, Durant walked the streets of Moore with his brother and a few of his friends, surveying the damage left in the wake of the massive, mile-wide tornado. the Daily Oklahoman had this to say about the star’s visit:

He did anything and everything he could to bring a smile to as many faces as possible. He shook hands and gave hugs. He posed for pictures and signed autographs. Not once did Durant turn down a request, graciously scribbling his signature on anything he was handed.

When asked about all the destruction that he witnessed, it was difficult for the star to put in into words. He told the paper:

I just feel for these families, man. They don’t have a home. All their things are gone. I’m just lost for words, to be honest…It doesn’t seem real. It looked like a bomb hit.

Perhaps more than any other, Durant understands what it means to be a part of something bigger than basketball:

We’re not just here to play basketball. We really are embedded in the community, invested in the community. And it’s good to see them smile. That’s the best part about it. It’s going to change here soon. We just got to stick together as a community.

Yes, Durant knows what being a role model, intentional or not, is all about. It’s one thing for a professional athlete to donate money, particularly a sum as impressive as one million dollars. It’s quite another for him to follow through with that by taking the time to visit the victims face to face.

Kudos to Kevin Durant. He truly is one of the good guys.

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