Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Big Names Emerging in Search For New Head Coach

By Paul Seaver
Mark D. Smith-USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers know that they need to make a splash with their next coaching hire. The speculation is obvious — without the right coach, their chances of re-signing Chris Paul are probably not very high.

The Clippers made the decision to let Vinny Del Negro go last week and since then, the list of names and potential candidates has continued to grow. Among those under consideration include ESPN broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy, current Indiana Pacers‘ associate head coach Brian Shaw and even Memphis Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins. While it remains to be seen how realistic some of these options are, others such as Byron Scott, Nate McMillan, and Alvin Gentry are also being thrown into the mix.

Now, while the Clippers aren’t making anything public, we know that Paul will likely have a big impact on this search. While the last three aforementioned names might be the more realistic options for Los Angeles, let’s take a look at Van Gundy, Shaw and Hollins.

Hollins has the Grizzlies on the rise and despite being swept out of the Western Conference Finals earlier this week, Memphis finished the year with their best season in franchise history. Hollins is becoming a hot name and the Clippers could put some pressure on the Grizzlies to make a decision on whether or not they should re-sign him.

Van Gundy is an obvious name, but it’s not the right one. He hasn’t coached in some time and if you’re going to hire the name, Stan Van Gundy should be the higher target.

Now Shaw on the other hand, might be the best name on this list. One of the NBA’s high-ranking assistants has long-been rumored to be on the rise. He’s a name that the Clippers must consider heavily.


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