Los Angeles Lakers Should Make A Deal For Kevin Love

By marcgoldman
Greg Smith-USA Today Sports

A great relationship is built on trust. This has never been more true than when applied to the relationship between the Los Angeles Lakers fans and late owner Dr. Jerry Buss. Laker fans trusted his decisions because he knew that no matter what decisions were made Dr. Buss would always adhere to the golden rule of sports. Winning and championships are the greatest business decision a franchise can make.

The fans filling Staples Center have very little trust in Jim Buss right now. Buss needs to give the fans at Staples Center some Love. No, not cheaper seats or better halftime shows; he needs to get Kevin Love in a Lakers jersey.

Here’s how it breaks down: Pau Gasol for Love and Derrick Williams.

This deal works for everyone. The Minnesota Timberwolves will be able to team their young point guard, Ricky Rubio with friend and Spanish Olympic teammate Gasol. Also, Gasol is on the last year of a $19 million a year contract and will be a great trade chip if the Minnesota winter gets too cold for him.

The Lakers get an elite level rebounder and 3-point shooter who can stretch the floor in Love. He might not be born and raised in California, but he spent his one year of college at UCLA and the fans would immediately adopt him as a hometown hero. Besides, he’s part Beach Boy. It doesn’t get more California than that.

Williams is a number two pick that can’t seem to get any minutes in Minnesota and is still under a rookie contract. He would spend a year under the wing of Kobe Bryant and if it doesn’t work out he would become a free agent without too much investment from the Lakers.

The added bonus: The Lakers will still have their coveted amnesty clause at their disposal.

So, Laker fans should be asking one question: Where is the Love?

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