Doc Rivers Reportely Done Pursuing Los Angeles Clippers' Vacancy; Will He Return to Boston Celtics?

By Paul Seaver
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

We have finally reached some sort of clarity involving the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers trade discussions; at least we can only hope.

After the Celtics initially planned and then rescheduled a press conference on Friday morning, speculation instantly surfaced that the two sides were back in discussions involving Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. After talks broke down earlier in the week, concerning a complicated deal that did not coincide with the new CBA agreement, the Clippers made it clear that they wanted to target Rivers first. The only issue at hand is that they didn’t really want to show its outright importance.

Boston wanted a first rounder for the rights to Rivers, but Los Angeles is not budging. All that they would offer up was a second round selection. At that point, talks once again folded and came to a standstill.

Yahoo! Sports‘ Adrain Wojnarowski is reporting as of Friday afternoon however, that Rivers is back on a plane and heading to his Orlando home — he will no longer pursue the Clippers head coaching job.

If this report proves to be true, it’s now an easy situation for Rivers. Well, I should say easier. He can return to the Celtics For $7 million per year and try and convince Boston to re-up with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Or, he can return and help a rebuilding process, but that however, has been something that he has reportedly been against. Then of course, there’s the whole broadcasting angle.

Who knows what’s next, but this could be the first initial step towards closure for each side.

Maybe. We will see.


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