Dallas Mavericks Now Desperately In Need of Point Guard After Not Getting Eric Bledsoe

By Cody Williams
Eric Bledsoe Dallas Mavericks
Steve Mitchell – USA Today Sports Images

On Monday night, it was reported by ESPN’s Marc Stein that the Dallas Mavericks had emerged as one of the teams trying to land point guard Eric Bledsoe. Considering that the Mavericks just released Darren Collison who played the bulk of the minutes to be had at point guard last season, they could have used the young and highly thought of Bledsoe in their backcourt.

The rumor that Stein reported was that the Mavs were exploring the possibility of a sign-and-trade with the Los Angeles Clippers involving Bledsoe and O.J. Mayo. However, on Tuesday evening, the Clippers agreed to a three-team deal that sends Bledsoe to the Phoenix Suns.

Now the Mavericks are left without a real option to roll out as their starting point guard next season and a free agency and trade market that are now looking relatively skimpy. Given the shallow point guard market and their need, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Mavericks be aggressive in their pursuit of a point guard in the coming days.

One option that the Clippers trade opens up for the Mavericks is the potential to pursue Goran Dragic. Dragic started at point guard last season for the Suns and is a player that many people speak highly of. With Bledsoe likely taking over the starting role in Phoenix, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Dragic made available and to see the Mavericks try and make a move.

Another option that the Mavericks will likely look into is trying to sign free-agent Jose Calderon. Calderon is a great game manager and facilitator and he has an underrated ability to score the basketball as well. Dallas will likely be in contact with Calderon over the next couple of days.

Probably the least likely, but most favorable option for the Mavericks would be if they were able to work out a trade with the Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo. Rumors briefly circulated about the two teams discussing this trade, but the Celtics reportedly wanted Dirk Nowitzki in the trade, which isn’t going to happen. Perhaps the Mavericks will give the Celtics a call soon, though, and try to negotiate a trade that doesn’t involve Dirk.

Missing out on Bledsoe is definitely a bummer for the Mavericks, which puts them in a bit of a bind. However, one thing we do know is that Mark Cuban is relentless in his pursuit of things that he wants. He wants and needs a point guard right now, so expect the Mavs to turn up the heat in their search for one in the near future.

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