2013 NBA Free Agency: Cleveland Cavaliers Reportedly Pressuring Andrew Bynum to Accept $24 Million Deal

By Phil Naegely
Andrew Bynum
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports, the Cleveland Cavaliers have offered FA center Andrew Bynum a two-year $24 million contract based heavily on incentives. The second-year reportedly includes a team option. Cleveland wants Bynum to make a decision fast, or they will pull their offer off the table and look elsewhere in the free-agency pool. However, after sitting down with the Cavaliers, Bynum left Cleveland and is now scheduled to meet with the Atlanta Hawks. Bynum looks to be in no rush to make a decision.

Both teams could use a big man, but is pressuring Bynum the right choice by the Cavaliers. At the same time, does Bynum deserve a huge two-year contract after not playing a single game last season? Personally, I think the Cavaliers are foolish to offer Bynum this much money, but I am not a NBA GM.

It would be less risky to offer Bynum a one-year contract, but if Bynum comes back fully healthy and stays away from the bowling alley, then the Cavaliers could look like a genius.

Nonetheless, the Cavaliers seem to be pushing for a quick answer, so they can find a replacement if Bynum says no to Cleveland.

It is surprising to me that the NBA world is fixated on a player and his next team when he did nothing for the Philadelphia 76ers last season. I guess since Dwight Howard made his decision to head to the Houston Rockets, Bynum is the next big-name free agent.

For now, we wait for Bynum’s next move, but at the moment it seems like the Cavaliers really want Bynum. A two-year $24 incentive-based contract isn’t the worst contract Bynum could be offered. It seems to be a somewhat low-risk deal for Cleveland, and in the end the risk could pay-off for them.

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