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NBA Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons: Rasheed Wallace Fine Assistant Coach, But Never Make It As Head Boss

Now that Rasheed Wallace is officially an assistant for the Detroit Pistons, an intriguing question might be: could he eventually make it as an NBA head coach?

Wallace could be a very good assistant coach despite the bewilderment that this prospect is going to bring many people. It would have seemed impossible that the temperamental Wallace could sit still on a bench for the entire game without getting himself and his team in trouble.

But Wallace, if he focuses on being a teacher to the forwards on this team, will do just fine. He can be a good assistant coach. Maurice Cheeks and Wallace will get along just fine on the sidelines.

Eventually, good assistant coaches grow into solid head coaches. It happens a lot in this league.

But in Wallace’s case, forget it. This is when the circus would really begin.

As an assistant coach, Wallace can give advice. As a head coach, he would have to take advice. It won’t happen.

As an assistant coach, Wallace can usually ignore the media. As a head coach, he would have to communicate with the media on a daily basis. It won’t happen.

As an assistant coach, Wallace, can focus on various areas of the team’s play. As head coach, he would have to focus on every part of the team’s play. It won’t happen.

So while Rasheed Wallace is going to try his hand at being an assistant coach, one might wonder what might happen if he ever becomes head coach in the NBA.

Don’t worry. It won’t happen.