Free Agent Shooting Guard Monta Ellis Reportedly Down to Four Teams

By Paul Seaver
Jeff Hanisch-USA Today Sports

The NBA is nearly ten days into its free agent period and with a number of big name players already on the move and signing elsewhere, one player that remains undecided is Monta Ellis.

Ellis, who opted to leave the Milwaukee Bucks and pursue greener pastures in a new location, is reportedly down to four teams that he is still considering. Ellis has approached free agency with an immense of amount of patience and has pretty much been able to dwindle his list of potential suitors down simply by default. His pursuit sounds a lot like he’s being recruited, but either way, according to ESPN, Ellis will choose between the Charlotte Bobcats, Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings.

There aren’t really any surprises in Ellis’ final four and he has been linked to each of them over the course of the past couple of days. One of the most notable of the remaining four is the Hawks however, as the two sides have reportedly been rumored to have been pursuing a sign-and-trade swap involving Ellis and Jeff Teague, in which both players could potentially switch locations. It remains to be seen how much ground that rumor has at this point, however.

Ellis is a top notch scoring guard and in fact, his 19.4 career points per game is the highest mark by any NBA player who has never made an All-Star game. Talk about being snubbed — Ellis needs a location where he can earn notoriety and get the attention he deserves.

Where that will be however, remains to be seen.


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