2013 NBA Summer League: What to Look For From Washington Wizards Rookie Otto Porter

By Cody Williams
Otto Porter Wizards Summer League
Rafael Suanes – USA Today Sports Images

The Washington Wizards will make their debut at the 2013 Las Vegas NBA Summer League on Saturday afternoon. With the Wizards taking the floor for the first time since the 2013 NBA Draft, it will obviously be the first time we get to see their rookies against NBA competition.

With the Wizards’ rookies taking the floor for the first time in a game situation, it will be the first time we get to see how Otto Porter, the third overall pick in the draft, will fare at the next level and to see what he has to offer. Given that, it’s important to know what to be looking for when it comes to Porter.

The first thing that Porter is likely going to put on display at Summer League is his defensive ability. Coming to the Wizards, a top-10 defensive team in the NBA last season, Porter is expected to be a fantastic defensive addition on the wing. With fantastic length, solid quickness and great footwork, Porter will be a defensive force for the Wizards in Summer League.

However, the other aspects of Porter’s game are a little harder to decipher in terms of how they will translate at the pro level. Subsequently, those will be the things to really keep an eye on as he takes the floor at Summer League.

The biggest thing to keep an eye on with Porter is how he looks offensively, particularly in terms of creating his own shot. Porter is a solid shooter and has the length to finish at the rim, but it’s unknown if his footwork and quickness are at a level where he can create his own shot in the NBA, which we will be able to see in Vegas.

Moreover, it will be interesting to see how Porter rebounds at the NBA level. He has the athletic ability and length that he could be a great rebounder, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. It will be intriguing to see how he positions himself and how aggressive he is on the glass.

If nothing else, we know that Porter is going to impress with his defense over the next 10 days. However, it is the other aspects, especially Porter’s offensive prowess, that will be the most curious things to watch at Summer League.

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