San Antonio Spurs Rumors: Don't Believe Tim Duncan's Ex-wife's Nonsense

By Justin Brown
Tim Duncan
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Divorces can be messy things. Often times one or both sides are disgruntled and end up spewing insults at each other. Such has become the case in the divorce proceedings between San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan and his soon to be former wife, Amy. According to multiple sources, Amy has claimed that her husband of 12 years was in a sexual relationship with his best friend from college while they were married.  So, Tim Duncan is bisexual. What? Really?!

Well, I wouldn’t exactly consider Amy Duncan to be a credible source. This appears to be a clear ploy by her to garner attention and make herself look better. You would hope that Amy would have more respect for the man she has been married to for over a decade who is the father of her two children, but apparently not. After all, it has already been proven beyond reasonable doubt that she has been the one cheating on Tim with her personal trainer. So this could be a way she is trying to justify her own unfaithfulness. A multimillionaire, NBA superstar whose wife is cheating on him, and not vice versa? I only believe it because it’s Tim Duncan.

Is Tim Duncan bisexual? I highly doubt it. But either way, does it really matter? There’s nothing wrong with that fact if it indeed is true, and it does not change the fact that he is one of the greatest players of all-time and arguably the best to ever play his position. Tim Duncan is a class act; it’s unfortunate that his ex-wife has clearly proven that she is far from one.

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