Sacramento Kings Should Succeed With All of the Young Talent They Have

By Trevor Lowry
Sacramento Kings
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings have too much talent not to succeed. However, just like years in the past, they will likely not make the playoffs and we will hear all about how DeMarcus Cousins needs to grow up.

With Ben McLemore and Ray McCallum joining the team, that just adds to all of the young talent that Sacramento has. Then there is Jimmer Fredette, who has not panned out yet, Cousins, who is a very talented player but once again apparently needs to grow up and the list goes on and on.

The Kings have all of the pieces–for the most part–to succeed. A proven veteran or star is always nice to have on a team, but there is enough for the Kings to at least not finish with such a horrible record. Last season Sacramento finished with a record of 28-54.

Whether if it is trading players away or continuing to build in the draft, something has to give for this team. Sacramento really should not be as bad as it is, but that does not matter. A record is really all that matters at the end of the season. Either a team makes the playoffs or it does not.

So hopefully for the Kings this year, the talented players step up and start playing some team basketball. Cousins is the most important player on this team and he truly is good enough to help lead them to victory.

Until that happens, though, not much will be expected out of Sacramento.

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