Kyrie Irving Has No Intentions of Leaving Cleveland Cavaliers

By Michael Terrill
Kyrie Irving Has No Intentions of Leaving Cleveland Cavaliers
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

BS Radio’s Brandon Tierney decided to form a story about point guard Kyrie Irving leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers in the near future. Most people would brush this off as a journalist just trying to get attention. However, the fact that he claimed a source told him is what has Cavaliers fans worried. The good news for Cleveland is that there are several reasons why Irving will never leave the Cavaliers.

“I’ve heard from someone in the know… Kyrie Irving not long for Cleveland,” Tierney tweeted a couple weeks ago.

Irving was quick to respond as he immediately tweeted the following after Tierney’s bogus claim:

“I wish I knew ‘someone in the know’ for all my facts, maybe I would go into journalism as well!!

“Rumors are rumors.”

It is always nice to see the player himself publicly deny the accusations. However, it is also important to dive a little deeper to show why Irving will never leave town.

For starters, he was drafted following LeBron James’ ugly departure. For that reason, he will always be loved by fans in Cleveland. It is kind of like Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers would be foolish to ever leave the Packers after what Brett Favre did to the fan base. As long as Irving and Rodgers continue to play at high levels, they can never do any wrong in the eyes of their fans.

The Cavaliers have also surrounded Irving with some decent talent, which means he will not feel the need to skip town in order to pair up with another All-Star to win a NBA championship. Experienced veterans and rising young players should give Irving and the Cavaliers a good shot at making some noise in the Eastern Conference in the ensuing years.

Irving is signed through the 2015-16 season as he has a $9.2 million qualifying offer that year. There is no way the Cavaliers do not match whatever is thrown his way.

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