Toronto Raptors Would Be Wise to Tank Next Season For Andrew Wiggins

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Wiggins
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

When was the last time anyone wanted to play for the Toronto Raptors? That is the unique position the Raptors find themselves in going into this season.

Andrew Wiggins stated last month that he would like to play with the Raptors one day, which is probably something they have never heard in the past. Something tells me Vince Carter was pretty happy to leave town, but why wouldn’t they want Wiggins on board. They will be pretty bad next season, but I’m not sure if they will be number one pick bad.

It sure would be fun to see him play for the Raptors, but Canadians will have to settle seeing him play for Team Canada one day, because that is almost a guarantee to happen. I would honestly be surprised if Wiggins does not lead Canada to at least medal contention at some point in the forward’s international basketball career. I’ve been wrong before, but prove it! Just kidding, my errors have been well documented, but keep an eye out for this young talent.

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