Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: A Little Gamesmanship Could Keep Lamar Odom in Red and Blue

By christopherbrown
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The monotonous task of job hunting is the least anticipated event anyone would have to face. One day you’re working. The next, you find yourself standing in a long line of job seekers. It happens to the best of them. But if you’re 6-foot-11 it’s just awkward.  Most would assume that an able bodied man with such stature would be gainfully employed, if not trimming trees, playing basketball in the NBA.

The same must be going through the minds of Californians as former Los Angeles Clipper, Lamar Odom dodges TMZ, with a resume and cardboard sign that reads: “will work for $0,000,000 “. The Clippers parted ways with Odom last spring. He has since been a free-agent with a short list of teams he’d be willing to play for without tantrum.

The loaded Clippers are still in the market for a versatile front-court player who can defend multiple positions. In other words, Odom, or former Los Angeles Laker, Antawn Jamison. Thursday, the Clippers a announced the end to their courtship with Jamison, moving Odom all but back in a Clippers uniform, his would-be third stint with the franchise. Although Odom’s most noticeable stat last season was his 6-foot-11 frame, he was an ideal teammate that made some defensive contributions when called upon.

Odom has a lot of basketball left in him. If he can manage to get in a couple sit-ups between takes of his reality show, it’s possible he can rotate his way into the staring lineup. Odom’s career never justified the salivation that foamed out the mouths of coaches and scouts at the very mention of his name. But he did show flashes of the lofty expectation sat upon him.

As far as Jamison goes, it appears that the interest in him was initiated to drive Odom’s market value down to a veteran minimum. Odom made $8 million last season. For that price the Clippers were able to sign an insurance policy in point guard in Darren Collision and veteran forward Matt Barnes. Odom’s reputation of being emotionally dependent to Los Angeles caused teams to clear their throats and look the other way, leaving the Lakers and Clippers as the best geographic options for Odom. But the Lakers’ 2011 move that sent the former NBA Sixth Man-of-The-Year to the Dallas Mavericks for a free subscription to Jet magazine may still be a sensitive subject for Odom.  Now, the team down the hall is the best and only option for Odom. Well played Clipper nation, well played.

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