No Matter How Hard Jeremy Lin Tries He Can’t Escape ‘Linsanity’

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It’s the huge shadow he cast on himself the moment he accepted an unbelievable three-year, $25 million offer from the Houston Rockets. It’s the elephant in the room that Jeremy Lin himself felt the need to speak on at a youth conference in Taipei, Japan. It’s the fact that ‘Linsanity’ has come and gone leaving an average NBA player to pick up the pieces.

Lin cited that during his first year in Houston he fell under the pressures of trying to live up to such huge expectations. “I was ready to invigorate the entire city of Houston. I was to save Houston basketball,” he told a youth group. “The coaches were losing faith in me; basketball fans were making fun of me,” he revealed showing that he does not have the thick skin to even try to escape the greatest week of his life.

What Jeremy Lin did was equivalent to winning $10 million in Las Vegas at the craps table only with a unique racial perspective that would make it a feel good story that would garner national prestige. His major fault in this whole fiasco wasn’t realizing that he had set expectations to an unattainable length for him but never admitting that it was a flash in the pan.

So many people want to believe in those wondrous 14 games that Jeremy Lin used to put on a basketball clinic for the New York Knicks. He dazzled the hearts and minds of America, reigniting that every man spirit that we all can compete with sheer hard work and determination. All fairy tales must end, and Lin never had a backup plan once it was over.

Lin is still owed by the two years and $20 million on his deal by the Rockets.  He is expected to lead a team that fashions themselves a contender deep into the playoffs. Yet his biggest demon isn’t trying to accomplish that, it is trying to convince the fans that ‘Linsanity’ is over. When you examine the true meaning of fan, you can look for more misery on the horizon, Jeremy.

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  • Tim Nguyen

    I wouldn’t just dismiss his hot streak as a flash in the pan, if anything it showed that he could compete at the highest level in the NBA when no one thought he could….he had a nice 15 or 20 games last season, his biggest issue is playing big night n night out….Harden was a bench player and sixth man before becoming the top dog in Houston last year….Nash was a serviceable player for Phoenix n Dallas before Finley n Nowitizki….just saying NBA career paths sometimes take time to take shape….this kid has a great future….

    • Tim Nguyen

      Also some food for thought…he was near the top half among point guards in every statistical category except for steals where he was top 5 for most of the year …..he didn’t even lead his own team in turnovers, rather the league leader was his own teammate James Harden….considering CP3 and Jrue Holiday made the All-Star team with only slighly better stats (around 16-17 ppts per game and 1 or 2 assists per game) Lin was not far off from the upper echelon

      • Angelito Garcia

        If Omer Asik had either converted or not fumbled many Lin passes, the STATS would put Lin way up there. I’m sure Morley is aware of the situation.

        • Tim Nguyen

          Agreed, I noticed that as well. Asik was very sloppy on the receiving end of many of Lin’s passes but I think most of the time he finished. As to the argument of the success of his 2012-13 year, I think it depends on what your expectations were. For just pure NBA standards, 13.4 pts, 6.1 asts and 1.6 steals is starter worthy and well in the top half of NBA point guards (n for a guy playing his first full season that is very good), however as we saw with Linsanity, he is capable of so much more and tahts why some people looked at those numbers as underwhelming. It was like you were watching a star player regress in a different team/ different system.

  • Duncan Read

    Taipei, Japan???
    Do some homework.

  • Duncan Read

    Even during last season, when James is not on the court, couple of times he did explode.