Toronto Raptors In No Surprise Waive Forward Quentin Richardson

By Dave Daniels
Quentin Richardson- J.R. Smith
Joe Camporeale- USA TODAY Sports

Hate to say it, but this may be the end of the line for Quentin Richardson. If you are not good enough to make the Toronto Raptors roster, then the China league might be screaming Richardson’s name at this point. Although maybe he still has some game left. It is pretty openly known that the Raptors are going to attempt tanking next season. Heck, forward Andrew Wiggins has said publicly he wants to play for them. When was the last time anyone said those words out loud? It has been a while to be sure, and not even sure Vince Carter ever wanted to play for the Raptors. That is probably why the whole city turned on him, but Toronto will never even get the chance to turn their backs on Richardson.

Richardson is a Chicago baller at his heart and actually somewhat of a high school basketball legend in Illinois. I’m hoping he can find another team to contribute on, and you can bet that we will be rooting for him here. Richardson might be able to help off the bench for a fringe contender, but nobody is popping to mind at the moment. He might hold out until there are a few injuries, and then he might find a situation desirable to him. We’lll just have to see if his playing career can take new life, but something tells me that one door closing will open a different door for Richardson.

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