Should Miami Heat Look Into Jimmer Fredette?

By Nicholas Crimarco
Jimmer Fredette
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Going into the fourth season of the “Three Kings” era of Miami Heat basketball, they have been to the NBA Finals every year and have won two rings.

The majority of their roster is coming back from last year with the exception of Juwan Howard and Mike Miller. They have filled the role of the suit-wearing 15th guy on the team that Howard had the last three years with former no. 1 overall pick Greg Oden.

With less than two months before the season starts, they still have to fill the role of the part-time sharpshooter off the bench that Miller had the last three years.

One interesting name that may be available is Jimmer Fredette of the Sacramento Kings. Although the Kings traded Tyreke Evans away, it wasn’t to make space for Fredette in the rotation.

They drafted Ben McLemore in the first round and plan on making him the starting shooting guard when the season starts. They have Marcus Thornton coming off the bench and he has been a more consistent scorer off the bench than Jimmer has, which may make him expendable.

A player Jimmer is often compared to is J.J. Redick, who was considered a bust after his first few years just like Fredette is. If you look at his first three years in the league, Redick averaged 6.0 points per game twice and 4.1 points per game once until he figured something out.

He realized he could no longer be the best player on the court and he stopped trying to be. All he had to do was be the best shooter on the court, which is something that comes naturally.

Jimmer has better averages through his first two years with 7.6 and 7.2 point per game averages. He has fallen out of favor in Sacramento because he has been an inconsistent scorer and is a terrible defender, but playing for a team like Miami can help him get to the status that J.J. Redick has.

Playing a minor role and having three superstars on his team will allow him to find a niche on a championship contending team. He wouldn’t be relied on to help them win a title, but he can be developed and come off the bench when needed to provide a spark during games where they rest Dwyane Wade, or when Shane Battier and Ray Allen have an off night.

It would make complete sense to look into it and acquire him if Sacramento is selling low.

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