Jason Kidd Could Become Trend-Setter for Former NBA Players By Coaching/Owning Team

By Andrew Fisher
Jason Kidd
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Reports are coming out Wednesday that new Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd will buy a portion of Jay-Z‘s ownership of the team. It’s still unclear at this point exactly how much of Jay-Z’s 1/6 of one percent share Kidd will buy, but he’s apparently going to shell out about $500,000 to become a minority owner of the Nets. I, for one, find this to be a really cool concept. A player who just decided to hang up his sneakers becomes a head coach within weeks and now a few months later, he’s a minority owner of the team. Who does that?

Clearly, Kidd is all-in on the newly founded Brooklyn Nets. But for a basketball junkie like the future hall-of-famer, why not? Why not put everything you have into one team and see where it takes you?

Of course the jury is still out on whether or not Kidd can be successful as a head coach just one year removed from his playing days, but I think he’ll do great. All accounts were that he was basically a player/coach over the last few years, anyway, so the transition to head coach should be fairly easy for the legendary point guard.

But thinking on a larger scale for a moment, I believe that Kidd could start a new trend for former players. We’ll have to see how he fairs on the sidelines, but if he does well, who’s to say that many other former stars won’t take the same path as Kidd? Some players just can’t quit basketball even though their bodies are giving up on them, so a transition into coaching and ownership might be a great fit for guys like Kidd.


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