Former All Star Tracy McGrady Never Should Have Left Toronto Raptors

By Dave Daniels
Richard Mackson- USA TODAY Sports

Recently read piece by Bill Simmons about Tracy McGrady that was a career retrospective, and it got me thinking about T-Mac’s career.

He was one of those players who I remember watching as a child and being in awe of what he could do on a basketball court. Looking back at the 7 time All Star’s career is a bit bitter sweet, and it is kind of shame that he was not on any successful playoff teams except for last year. It is not like he was going to get any playing time on that squad, but guess we just have to live with all the brilliant highlights he gave us. You can check out some of the good times he had in Toronto below.

Also, thought it was super interesting that Kobe Bryant came out and said T-Mac was one of the best players the Mamba ever went against. Anyone who could have pushed Bryant to work on his game even more, is someone who the basketball world owes an enormous favor.

Imagine though if McGrady had stayed with the Toronto Raptors and been paired with Vince Carter in his prime. That would at least have been a team that would have made the playoffs consistently . They most likely would have gotten out of the first round too, but we will never know. Think all in all, T-Mac will eventually be going to the Hall. Of Fame, that is.

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