Indiana Pacers' Paul George Picked By Players As Best Player to Guard LeBron James

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Small forwards Paul George and LeBron James still have some playoff battles left, don’t you think? Especially if James stays in the Eastern conference next season, which is probably expected no matter where he really lands.

An anonymous poll of players selected George as the player best suited to defend James. This likely stems not only from George’s defensive ability, but also his ability to make “King James” work on both ends of the floor. The nights LeBron can relax on defense, usually end in a victory for the Akron native.

Thanks to the Indiana Pacers for tweeting this below, and James also did an extensive interview with Chris Broussard on ESPN that I recommend checking out too.

James has reportedly improved his post game even more in the offseason, so we should see a new and improved player which is scary to think about. Believe his agent says he is about 85 percent of the player he could be, which is astounding to think about. For all the greatness we have seen out of James, it is possible we have not even seen him at his peak ability yet.

George has improved greatly as well in the last couple years and it was my good fortune to speak with him this last summer. I can tell you this much, the young man is not only a quality player but a sharp dresser as well.

Definitely hoping for a rematch of James and George next summer, and tipoff cannot come soon enough for my taste.

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