Kenneth Faried and Ty Lawson's Team USA Experience Will Give Denver Nuggets Boost This Year

By Dave Daniels
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Kenneth Faried and Ty Lawson both had the postiive experience of attending Team USA’s session this this summer. There were no cuts, because the U.S. did not have to compete this year due to the Olympic victory. Lawson and Faried both reportedly played quite well, and that experience of competing against the best in the league should bring positive results on the court this year.

The key thing I read from Faried’s quote was mainly about practice habits.

“I learned how important it is to practice hard,” Faried said to “I practiced with elite talent, and guys were just giving their all. It reminded me back when I was in high school trying out for a basketball team and hoping to make the team. It really helped me refocus on what I want to achieve this year for me and the team as a whole.”

Read the whole piece below too, which I definitely encourage.

If the Nuggets can start fast out of the gate, then we could be looking at a playoff team. If they start slow though, then they might end up making a move before the trade deadline.

You will not see Lawson and Faried moved though, because they will be looked upon to lead this team through the brambles and thorns of the loaded Western Conference.

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