Houston Rockets James Harden Beautiful Alley Oop to Dwight Howard Will Become Commonplace

By Dave Daniels
James Harden
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The acquisition of James Harden by the Houston Rockets was an absolute steal, and every day I think of the Wizards turning down the Harden for Beal idea I hit myself in the head. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bradley Beal alot, but Harden just might be my favorite player in the league on offense. His passing, pinpoint shooting, and driving ability all combine to form a sort of freight train nightmare when takes the ball to the hoop.

Now that he has Dwight Howard to throw the ball to? We will be seeing quite a lot of this.

Point guard Jeremy Lin may be the one delivering some of those oop passes as well, but those passes are going to open up shooting oppportunities at the outside edges, so Chandler Parsons better be working on his corner three point shot. I’m sure he is, and fully expecting to see the Rockets return to the playoffs after a year where they played at an absolutely blistering pace.

Kevin McHale will need to step up his work this year, and that will definitely be something to keep an eye on. If things go horribly wrong this year, then you can bet that they will most likely not move one of their stars but they might look for a more seasoned option at coach. McHale is one of the top 100 players of all time, and probably the best low post scorer in league history. His tenure as a coach however has been mixed, so hopefully he can work with Howard on adding a little bit of post finess to the young center’s game.

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