Is Brooklyn Nets' Reggie Evans The Best Rebounder In NBA?

By Mark Wilson
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Evans just wants you to get out of his way, teammate or not.

When the ball bounces off the rim, he wants it and will do whatever it takes to get it. Anyone can put the ball in the basket, but it takes skill to get rebound after rebound on a nightly basis. It takes a player getting the right angle, fighting for position and timing his jump to be a successful rebounder.

Evans is listed at 6-foot-8, 245 pounds of pure muscle. His hands are the big reason he can devour the ball off the glass. They are huge. He plays like the energizer bunny — his motor never stops running. Last season, Evans averaged 11 rebounds per game while starting only 56 games and playing 24 minutes.

That was due to him splitting time with Kris Humphries, who has now departed the team to focus on his reality TV career. How can a person average 11 boards per in 24 minutes? He was able to pull it off because no one wanted the ball more than he did. Evans averages three offensive rebounds per game, and that bodes well for any offense.

The knock on Evans is that he is considered a big-time flopper. He was officially the first player fined in regards to the new LeBron James rule — I mean flopping rule. It’s easy for Evans to put up a stat line of five points and 15 rebounds. With the Brooklyn Nets‘ second unit capable of putting points on the board, Evans’ rebounding and defense will be greatly appreciated.

Dennis Rodman was the best at getting after a missed shot. Say what you want about his off-court antics and lifestyle, but I would take him on my team any day. Early in his career, Evans was accused of taking steroids and missed the beginning of a game to be drug-tested. When a person is able to dominate, there will always be speculation as to why he is so great.

Evans has been through enough losing seasons and non-contending teams to realize when a great opportunity is staring him in his face. The Nets are loaded from the starting unit to the second unit and are poised to contend for a championship.

Everyone is being held accountable for their job on the team. Evans’ job is to defend the post and rebound like a madman. There will be nights when his number is called upon to start when Jason Kidd decides to rest Kevin Garnett. No matter the amount of minutes he receives this season, Evans will deliver when called upon.

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