Atlanta Hawks' Al Horford Contemplating Learning French or Italian

By Dave Daniels
Al Horford and Paul Millsap
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Count me among the fans of Al Horford, and the recent piece I read below made me an even bigger fan.

The Hawks star is considering learning a third language, which is pretty impressive to someone like me who knows only one. I took French and Spanish intermittently in school, but never did an immersion program which I highly recommend if you want to learn a new language.

Horford however is going with the Rosetta Stone route.

Here is a brief excerpt just in case you did not check out the full piece.

“Al Horford is always willing to adapt” David Aldridge writes, “Dominican-born, he picked up English rather easily; now, he and his wife Amelia, the former Miss Universe (it’s a tough life Al is leading) are contemplating learning French or Italian. ‘We’ve got the Rosetta Stone tapes,’ he says.”

Always enjoy Aldridge’s work, but do not have high hopes for the Hawks this season. Horford is being asked to play center again, which just simply is not his natural position. He can still be effective at center, but he could do so much more for the Hawks in a different role. With Josh Smith gone though, the offense will weigh heavy on Horford’s shoulders. At least they will soon be trilingual shoulders.

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