New Orleans Pelicans Set Franchise Record In Blocks with Help from Anthony Davis' Absurd Stat Line

By Dave Daniels
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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis will be an All Star this season so go ahead and write it down in ink. His stat line in the Pelicans latest win was absolutely ridiculous. I can hardly believe it for myself so I’ll just write it and see if you stay with me.

Twenty five points to go along with eight rebounds, four assists, six steals, and six blocks sound like a realistic stat line to you?

Not really to me, but just glad you are still with me. Davis believes it was a communication issue that they corrected.

“I think we are just doing a great job of talking to each other” he said. “When we are talking and communicating with each other, we are a tough team to beat. We are a defensive-first team and we can’t play as a team giving up points or trading baskets with anybody. We are not good enough to do that, so we have to lock down defensively.”

Here is hoping that the Pelicans keep talking, because it is definitely paying off for them and Davis in particular with his stellar play. Only five minutes into the game, Davis had already recorded six points, four rebounds, two assists, two blocks and a steal. Thanks to the tweet below for the initial report of this truly insane statistical line.

We will have to see if my All Star prediction for Davis comes true, but I do not make predictions this confidently very often so just keep that in mind.

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