Indiana Pacers Rumors: Is Danny Granger Sixth Man Or Trade Bait?

By Michael Pidgeon

Danny Granger used to be the star of the Indiana Pacers. Since his absence due to injury, Paul George has stepped up in a big way and now has claim to the throne. When Granger finally returns, will he be a dominant sixth man, or are his days in Indiana numbered?

The last time Granger actually played important minutes for the Pacers, he averaged 18.7 points per game and was the clear cut star of the team. Granger only played five games last season and is yet to take the court this season. George isn’t the only player to up his game without Granger being on the court. At 23 years old, Lance Stephenson is the second leading score for the Pacers this season with 14.3 per game. The seven year difference is another variable that affects what Indiana plans to do with Granger once he returns.

Granger is 30 years old and plays an average of 64 games a year throughout his career. Those aren’t numbers that exactly lean in his favor. If Granger returns and is willing to accept a sixth man position, then his chances of staying with the Pacers are better than if he tries to push himself back into the starting lineup.

Indiana has proved they can win without Granger. The entire starting lineup averages double digit scoring, so having him on the roster is no longer a necessity. I’m sure there is a team that could use Granger to help them make the playoffs, or even make a stronger push at winning a championship this season. So, if the Pacers can improve their team even more by trading Granger, then by all means, they should do it.

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