Michael Jordan Plays Beer Pong At Miami Hotel

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Jordan
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Obviously, his competitive nature was part of the reason why he was so great. But Jordan’s competitive spirit didn’t go away when he was off the court and it hasn’t gone away since he retired from basketball back in 2003. MJ is known for competing with anyone, for anything. It could be a game of cards, a game of Horse and definitely a game of golf. But recently, Jordan took his talents to South Beach and the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove.

Check out this picture of the G.O.A.T. as he partakes in a game of beer pong. That’s right, MJ was trying to drain a few shots from downtown to win a game of beer pong:

I found this to be hilarious and awesome. It’s been pretty clear for awhile that MJ likes an adult beverage or two while enjoying a fine cigar, so I’m not the least bit surprised to see him partaking in a game of beer pong. It’s a game you can play just for fun or if you’re in the mood to be competitive.

As for MJ’s team, the Charlotte Bobcats, they’re off to a decent start at 3-4. For a team that only won seven games two years back, it’s a pretty dang good start. Bobcats’ head coach Steve Clifford was recently the shelf following a heart procedure where he had stints put in, but he returned to the sidelines just three days later.


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