Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash on All-Star Ballot

It turns out, as expected, that names carry plenty of weight in getting on the NBA All-Star ballot. There are 120 names on the ballot with 60 from both the Western and Eastern Conference. Voting takes place up until January 20th. The February 16th game is in New Orleans, Louisiana this year and the Los Angeles Lakers could be represented by Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol.

Yep, a player that has yet to play a game this year, a player that should medically retire and a player that has been the most ineffective player in a front court that also contains Chris Kaman. The names of Bryant, Nash and Gasol clearly putting in enough weight to put them immediately on the ballot. Nash is on the downward spiral of trying to get healthy and may remain sidelined for a majority of this season and Gasol has simply looked lost to begin this NBA season. Bryant remains the most likely to make the All-Star team this year as he will be returning from his Achilles injury soon — he began practicing with the team again last week — and will immediately take over the team again upon his return. The name Kobe Bryant also carries the most weight and should propel him onto the team even if it is not with the starting five. Gasol and Nash should both be considered doubtful to crack the team.

You can vote on most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter (player first and last name followed by #NBABallot), Text, Instagram and on NBA.com so be sure to vote for your favorite Lakers player up until the January 20th deadline.

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