Evan Turner's Fourth Quarter Struggles Prove Lack of Respect from Officials

By Zach Slotter
evan turner no calls
Matthew Emmons – USA Today Sports

By looking at the numbers Evan Turner had another solid game for the Philadelphia 76ers in a loss last night against the Dallas Mavericks. He had 26 points, nine rebounds and seven assists and was aggressively attacking the basket as he has been all season.

But at one point in the game he was shooting 9-for-13 from the field and he finished the game 10-for-22. This included 1-for-6 shooting in the fourth quarter and getting his shot blocked three different times. But the real story was that for the first time this season Turner really lost his composure. He did get fouled on at least four different attempts in the second half, but the whistles were silent.

Despite being 12th in the league in scoring with 22 points per game and being in the midst of a breakout year altogether, Turner is still not getting the respect from the officials and getting those superstar calls that guys like Derrick Rose, LeBron James and Kevin Durant get on a nightly basis. I am not saying he is even near the level of those players, but it is evident that he is right with them in terms of attacking the rim so he should be getting some more calls.

He is averaging a career high 5.3 free throw attempts per game so his aggressiveness has been somewhat rewarding, but that number could be closer to eight per game if he got the calls that some others do in this league. Turner is still a young player so he has to take his lumps with the refs. But more importantly he can’t lose his cool like he did last night. The best thing about it was that Brett Brown had his back and fought for his player, something Doug Collins would never do.

I don’t know where Turner’s future lies with the Sixers, but I do know that he is on the verge of being a special player. With time officials will start to reward him for his lethal attacks to the basket.

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