New York Knicks Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Good as Gone?

By Michael Pidgeon
Carmelo Anthony
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks were mere seconds away from defeating the Indiana Pacers last night until Iman Shumpert fouled Paul George behind the three point line. Three free throws later and a missed shot from Carmelo Anthony put the game into overtime, and that’s when any chance of victory slipped out of the hands of Melo and the Knicks. If New York doesn’t get it turned around, victory may not be the only thing slipping from their grasp. The Knicks may be saying bye bye to Carmelo as well.

Enter Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. We’ve heard about it for a while now, but the Lakers are going to have some dollars to spend in the offseason and Melo has stated free agency may be his next stop. Both the Lakers and Melo have been rumored as being paired up this offseason because Carmelo isn’t getting any younger and Bryant is still looking for his sixth ring that would tie him with the great Michael Jordan. Considering both Bryant and Melo played on Team USA and know what it’s like to win together, why not combine and help each other out? Together in L.A., Melo would be able to win his first ring and at the same time Anthony would be helping Bryant win his sixth.

Carmelo is a great talent, but as a leader Anthony has yet to get the job done. Bolting New York for L.A. wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world Melo could do. Joining forces with a natural born leader like Bryant would be in Anthony’s best interest. Now if New York suddenly goes on a run, all of this talk may go right out the window. As of right now, though, Carmelo is good as gone and L.A. is his likely landing spot.

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