Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo a Max Player?

By Jared Hughes
David Butler II – USA TODAY Sports

Is Rajon Rondo really a max player?  He is definitely one of the premier point guards in the league and a point guard others would love to play with. Although he’s great, some questions still are unanswered about no. 9.

His last contract was worth nearly $55 million and he is soon due for a renewal. Will this contract be a max contract, or will the Boston Celtics save money and start another rebuilding process? Rondo has been around when things have been good for Boston and when things have been bad. This season and the following season will determine if Rondo is a max player. He will now be the best player on his team without a question, and he has to figure out a way for the Celtics to remain relevant in a league full of emerging teams.

In Rondo’s previous seasons, he had veteran leaders Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce and Ray Allen. Having those guys around make it easy for him to rack up assists and cover up his mistakes. Now, his best go-to guy is a still-learning Jeff Green. If Rondo wants to show the world how great of a point guard he is, he should find a way to maintain his playmaking ability and make Green a better player.

We haven’t seen Rondo in a situation yet where he is the best player on a mediocre team. Rondo is so used to winning and having those great players on the wing, and it will be interesting to see how he copes with mediocre players around him.

One thing the world is well aware of is that Rondo cant shoot. It is hard to offer a max contract to a point guard who can’t shoot. He had to rely on attacking the rim and getting others open to maintain his stature as one of the league’s best point guards, because teams would otherwise be daring him to take the shots he wasn’t comfortable with.

It’s not too late for Rondo to develop a jump shot; after all, people said Jason Kidd couldn’t shoot and at the end of his career, people wouldn’t dare leave him open. For Rondo to get the max contract he might be looking for, he has to show that he can be a scorer and a decent shooter when the Celtics need it — especially since he doesn’t have marksmen Pierce and Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Rondo is definitely a max player — at least he is on the Celtics. It is hard to find a point guard with the type of leadership skills he has. He is a hardworking player that has shown he can take over games when he feels the need. Yes, he is not that great of a shooter, but he has a knack for getting to the rim and I am sure he will become a better shooter. When healthy, its hard to argue that he’s not a top-five or top-seven point guard in the league.

Boston, give Rondo his max.

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