Derrick Rose’s Injury Should Mean Business As Usual For The Miami Heat

By Richard Nurse
Derrick Rose
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A few hours ago, Chicago Bulls fans received the news that they desperately did not want to hear. Derrick Rose will be missing his second season in back-to-back years — and potentially a third playoff run in a row — with right knee surgery.

This comes 18 months after ACL surgery on his left one which gives people visions of greatness being lost before it had a chance to be fully cultivated like Grant Hill or Anfernee Hardaway. It also makes pundits wonder if overcompensating for one leg — the way Amar’e Stoudemire did — will lead to constantly rotating injured knees.

From all reports Rose could have been back much sooner if he opted to have his torn meniscus removed instead of repaired. However, he had a great example in a rival, Dwyane Wade, who said that the quick fix does nothing but cause problems in the end.

That’s where the cross consideration should stop.

“Anytime you experience or hear of someone dealing with a knee surgery it [does] make you take a step back and think, but I have my own process,” Wade said to ESPN’s Michael Wallace. “I have to continue to do what I’ve been doing and hopefully listen to my doctors, listen to my trainers and understand that this will get better with time.”

Dwyane Wade
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In other words the Miami Heat should continue to handle their team the way they have for years and that’s to only worry about them.

Trying to give D-Wade more time than sitting out games on consecutive nights would be a horrible reaction to things. Because no matter how much time D-Rose took to get healthy, he proved that rips and tears could still happen. Waiting didn’t stop anything and extra precaution won’t either.

Truth is, the Heat — as a whole — should keep focused on the squad ahead of them in the standings.

The Indiana Pacers have provided the toughest tests the last two years, and they look poised to do the same again. And while we appreciate the toughness that the Bulls bring season-in and season-out, Rose as your lone scoring threat was not going to scare anyone out of title contention. So says’s Steve Aschburner:

“Chicago looked a little thin (in terms of depth) a little short (in terms of length) and a little erratic (in terms of perimeter shooting) to be anyone’s Finals favorite,” he said. “But thinning the herd this way, while shifting the workload to Rose’s remaining teammates, was nothing anyone wanted to see.”

Instead it looks like everyone will see what the NBA has been pushing: Miami vs. Indiana in a fight to the end.

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