Cleveland Cavaliers Asking Too Much for Dion Waiters in Potential Trade

By Cody Williams
Dion Waiters Cavs trade
Derick E. Hingle – USA Today Sports Images

There was rampant speculation about the Cleveland Cavaliers and their situation regarding second-year guard Dion Waiters almost two weeks ago. After the Cavs held a players-only meeting on Nov. 13 after a bad loss, Waiters was pronounced as having an illness on the injury report and didn’t play in the team’s next two games.

The speculation that has risen about the incident revolves around Waiters not actually being sick and actually being just unhappy with the organization and with his teammates. According to a report from ESPN’s Chris Broussard, that seems to be exactly the case as the Cavs are now openly shopping Waiters on the trade market.

According to Broussard’s report, Waiters was involved in a non-physical, but heated confrontation with Cavs forward Tristan Thompson in that players-only meeting after Thompson didn’t take kindly to Waiters saying that the forward and Kyrie Irving played favorites with one another. Waiters has also talked to the front office in Cleveland on numerous occasions regarding what he believes is a double-standard concerning him and Kyrie.

Also a part of Broussard’s report is that the Cavs are swinging for the fences in terms of what they are looking to get in return for Waiters. Broussard reports that Cleveland has inquired about Luol Deng, Evan Turner, and Iman Shumpert as the main piece that they could get in return for Waiters. Obviously no deal involving Waiters or any of those players has been agreed upon yet, though.

Looking at what Waiters, a still developing player that has lacked any relevance defensively and has struggled with his efficiency, it seems like the Cavs are asking for a bit too much to only be giving back Waiters to a potential suitor. If I had to guess, I would say that the Cavs have to be throwing in another player or, possibly more enticing, a draft pick in these trade discussions involving Waiters.

Even though there is the idea of potential at play with the fourth-overall pick from 2012, his value is hardly high at this point. Not only does he have a lot left to prove on a consistent basis, but he also has a bit of character questions after these recent goings-on with Cleveland. I can’t imagine him bringing back the type of value that the Cavaliers are reportedly looking to get. If they are throwing in something else, a player or pick, to sweeten the pot, that could be a different story.

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