Why Cleveland Cavaliers Should Get Evan Turner or Luol Deng in Free Agency

By kennethbrown
Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are already looking ahead to next year. It seems like the struggling franchise is always planning ahead, rather than achieving. If they are to make a realistic move next summer, you’re probably wondering who they should pursue. There will be plenty of options in 2014’s free agency and draft, so the Cavaliers have the potential to fix their franchise if they make the correct moves.

The Cavaliers will have enough room on the salary cap to make a splash in the free agency market, but who will they try and sign? Obviously, there are big name players available, but they may find it a struggle to convince them to come to Cleveland, for various reasons. One option is small forward Luol Deng. The Cavaliers have been linked to his services before and Deng offers everything a team could want or need in a player.

One thing the Cavaliers need to seek no matter how hard it may be to find, is a scorer. They have struggled to score consistently and they attempt to bring the whole team in to double digits in points, but sometimes it’s helpful having somebody you can depend on each and every game.

With all of this in mind, expect the Cavaliers to turn their attention to shooting forward Evan Turner. He may be the perfect match for the Cavaliers. Turner is having a season to remember, he is affordable and he is from Ohio. The problems the Cavaliers may face trying to entice a superstar would not be an issue here, yet they’d still be signing a quality player, and one who would be an instant boost to the struggling team.

There are many options, but the Cavaliers need to start planning and they must make sure their 2014 moves are the right ones if they are to contend in the next few seasons.

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