Dallas Mavericks Must Improve In December

By Elaine J. Dispo
Isaiah J. Downing
Isaiah J. Downing – USATODAY Sports

Since the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Finals in 2011, the month of December has not treated them kindly.

First, they lost all but one game in December 2011. Granted, the league had just made a comeback from the lockout, so the Mavs played just four games that month. They were not off to the best start when the Miami Heat beat them at Dallas’ home opener on Christmas Day after they raised their championship banner. Then, the Mavericks won only one-third out of their 15 games in December 2012. We can count their victories on just one hand.

Fast-forward to this 2013-14 season, and the Mavs’ win-loss record has slipped to 10-8 after their last November game, in which the Minnesota Timberwolves defeated them at home.

How can Dallas bust out of these previous December blues this time around? This pattern absolutely cannot persist. After all, it is not acceptable for a two-time Western Conference Champions and former NBA Champions. Furthermore, must I mention that the Mavs have the 14th-ranked NBA scorer of all time? Power forward Dirk Nowitzki is only one out of three current players in the league who is ranked in the top-15.

The Mavs must simply make sure that all of their active players are ready to take on their opponents both in offense and in defense. Injuries are an inevitable evil, so when teammates are out, their backups need to be prepared to fill in. Without Jose Calderon on the floor to mend his ankle injury, Dallas can count on Gal Mekel and rookie Shane Larkin to resume the point guard position.

The Mavericks’ most challenging contenders this month include the Portland Trail Blazers, the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs. All of these teams lead Dallas in the current league standings with at least 13 victories.

Come on Dallas, let us make this December a good month to remember. We Mavs Fans for Life have hoop hopes that we wish to shoot and score into our holiday stockings. Therefore, ’tis the season to be jolly: let jets land in the net, slam dunks dance on the backboard and game-winning balls dribble on the hardwood.

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