Top 15 Active NBA Players With Best Chance to Win 6 Rings

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NBA Players Most Likely to Win 6 Rings

LeBron James rings
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Despite the fact there are nine players with more than six rings in NBA history, that half-dozen mark is the milestone set for modern-day players by Michael Jordan. For whatever reason, Bill Russell’s 11 or even Robert Horry’s seven don’t drive players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James to collect more Larry O’Brien trophies than the mark set by Jordan in his sliced career.

Now true basketball fans know the real reason behind that: Jordan could have won a lot more than six had he not taken a hiatus to play minor-league baseball before retiring again and then finishing his career with the Washington Wizards. So in a nutshell, it’s just the fact that it’s MJ. Thus, the unspoken perception is whoever can top what he did in the 1990s will seemingly be as great as he was…kinda…well, not really. But they can try and that’s why they do.

So as we continue to wait for the next great player to win a ring for his other hand, it’s fun to try and predict which current players have the best shot at tying Jordan on the all-time championship wins list, even though there are still nine players ahead of him who don’t get the respect they deserve. Here are the top 15 active NBA players who have the best chance at winning six rings.

Spoiler: Kobe didn’t make the list because he screwed himself by re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, who won’t win another one with him in purple and gold.

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15. Russell Westbrook

russell westbrook rings
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If this kid can ever get his head on straight, he’s going to be one heck of a baller. A lot of folks are comparing him to Kobe Bryant before he changed his number and supposedly his attitude. If Westbrook can make that kind of transition, he and Kevin Durant can accomplish anything together.

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14. Roy Hibbert

roy hibbert rings
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Easily one of the league’s best big men at this point, Hibbert can dominate games in the paint, especially on the defensive end. Had he not been taken off the floor for the final play in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, his Pacers would have been there instead of the Heat. He and Paul George are the next great dynamic duo.

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13. Manu Ginobili

manu ginobili rings
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With three rings already, Ginobili is on the list simply because he doesn’t have nearly as far to go as many of the younger players. Plus, the Spurs proved this past year that you can never count them out. If Ginobili can stick around for another few years, anything can happen.

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12. Ray Allen

ray allen rings
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Like some other older players on this list, Allen already has a pair of rings and he’s a solid complementary player on a team built to win a slew of championships over the next decade…if all of its members stay together. As long as Allen is teamed with LeBron James, he’ll keep winning rings.

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11. Stephen Curry

stephen curry rings
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By far the youngest MVP candidate on this list, Curry is slowly getting a championship team built around him in Golden State and with their youth, the Warriors will be contenders for a long, long time.

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10. Tony Parker

tony parker rings
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With three rings already, Parker still has a great chance to win more considering he’s younger than Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. With another solid star to complement him, Parker could lead the Spurs to another dynasty run.

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9. James Harden

james harden rings
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As a rising superstar, Harden is capable of anything, especially if the Rockets keep bringing in other big-name players to put around him. If he keeps improving, Harden could win multiple MVP awards…and rings.

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8. Udonis Haslem

udonis haslem rings
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While quietly complementing Dwyane Wade (and now LeBron James), Haslem has three rings and every intention of winning more with the Heat’s Big Three. As long as Haslem is with these starts, he’ll keep winning rings.

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7. Paul George

paul george rings
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It’s still really early, but George looks like a future superstar and considering he already has a stellar team and sidekick, he’s got a great chance to win multiple rings.

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6. Tim Duncan

tim duncan rings
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Had his Spurs held on in Game 6 of the NBA Finals last year, Duncan would be a lot higher on this list. But he still has four rings and as long as San Antonio limits his minutes and then unleashes him when it matters most, Duncan has as good of a chance as anyone to collect half a dozen championships.

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5. Chris Bosh

chris bosh rings
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Often the forgotten member of the Big Three, Bosh already has a pair of rings and will likely have a third at the end of this season. If he stays with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, he’ll win as many rings as they do.

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4. Kevin Durant

kevin durant rings
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Although he doesn’t have any rings yet, Kevin Durant is undoubtedly the second-best player in the NBA and he’s already been to the Finals once. As long as Oklahoma City keeps solid complementary parts around him, Durant will win multiple titles with the Thunder.

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3. Dwyane Wade

dwyane wade rings
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With three rings already, Wade will likely win at least one more with LeBron and then who knows after that? He may go with James as a free agent in 2014 or they may re-sign with Miami and go for 10. Either way, Wade has a got shot at six championships.

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2. Derek Fisher

derek fisher rings
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This one might seem strange at first, but Fisher only needs one more ring to hit the half-dozen mark. Considering he’s on a team with Kevin Durant, that’s extremely likely to happen as long as Fisher remains on the roster.

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1. LeBron James

lebron james rings
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After carrying the Heat to three straight Finals appearances and back-to-back titles, LeBron could easily win more than six by staying in South Beach and continuing to build chemistry with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen and whichever other superstar Miami wants to sign. And even if he leaves via free agency in 2014, he’ll likely win more wherever he goes.