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5 Candidates Who Could Replace Jason Kidd As Brookyln Nets Coach

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Time For A Change?

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The Brooklyn Nets' front office has to be sitting in their plush offices in their expensive leather swivel chairs, with their head in their hands, crying their eyes out.

Some decisions seem good at the beginning of a season, while some seem like serious mistakes from the beginning. The hiring of Jason Kidd was a long shot, but it was necessary because the Nets wanted to make the front page headlines. This is the city that never sleeps, but yet we all have dozed off a time or two during the Nets' season thus far.

Kidd has tried everything is his tiny repertoire to pull the Nets together and save not only the season, but his job as well. I know that injuries have played a big role in the early season failures of the team, but you still have to play the game with what you have. Coaching in the NBA is not like coaching in the NCAA. You don’t get to recruit your own players and build a team that fits your system. In the NBA, you are given what you have and your job is to make it work at all cost.

Kidd was given an All-Star lineup and so far, he has not done the best job of bringing them together as a unit. The season is ticking away and Kidd is running out of time. Key players are on their way back to the lineup and Kidd has to find a successful rotation, or he will be packing his bags soon.

Here is my five candidates to replace Kidd if he can't bring the Nets to respectability soon.

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5. Nate McMillian

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Why does this guy keep getting passed up for head coaching gigs? I know his record is borderline .500 at best, but that was due to the lack of talent and off-court distractions his players provided. Nate McMillan is a defensive minded, no nonsense coach that has paid his dues in the league as a player and coach. The vets on the Nets will respect his voice, as well as his X’s and O’s approach.

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4. Larry Brown

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We know the man can turn around a failing franchise at the drop of a dime, but the question is, does he want to? He has his dream job in Carolina, but will the chance to compete for another NBA ring be enough to get him to leave his alma mater?

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3. Lionel Hollins

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It wasn’t his fault the Memphis Grizzles never made it to a championship. He didn’t trade away offensive firepower for a bunch of bench players. He can draw up plays, but if they are not executed properly, then ship the players out, not the coach. With his defensive background, he would be able to get the Nets back on track where they are lacking guidance -- at defense.

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2. George Karl

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His firing last season was like the Nets hiring Kidd, a long shot. The man won everywhere he went, no matter the talent level. Last season, he dealt with injuries that seemed to happen at the wrong time and still managed to lead the team to 57 wins and Coach Of The Year. How was he repaid for that stellar season? He got a nice pink slip telling him his services were no longer needed. The Nets would benefit greatly with a coach of his caliber leading the way.

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1. Phil Jackson

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Of course he is at the top of the list; that's what happens when you are the best in the business. No matter how long is stays secluded in the wilderness with Jeanine Buss, Jackson will always have a job whenever he wants one. The triangle would work greatly with this group and free up shooting lanes for Joe Johnson and Deron Williams all game long. Jackson's approach is not the "get in your face" type, but he will always get his point across no matter what. They will win a championship with Jackson leading he way, I guarantee that.