Kobe Bryant Shows Class, Humility; Cannot End Up Like Allen Iverson

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The time has come for some serious debate regarding who the 2014 NBA All Stars should be. As always, the fans get to vote — arguably one of the worst aspects of the sport as a whole. One of the biggest questions when it comes to the game this season is whether or not fans will be smart enough not to vote Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant into the game.

Well, if Bryant has any say in it, he won’t be voted in.

“I really enjoy watching what the younger guys are doing and how they’re performing. Even though there’s so much respect from me to be able to go out there and play for the fans, I’d much rather see the young guys play in the game because they’ve obviously put the work in to be in it. I’d much rather go out there and see them participate,” Bryant said according to ESPN.

In the latest round of the ballot, Bryant was second among Western Conference players in voting. If he had his way, Bryant would be watching the younger stars on the court instead of figuring out whether or not he will have to try coming back in time.

“I probably won’t be able to come back soon enough to put my stamp or make my mark on the game, so my advice would be to focus on these younger players, the Damian Lillards of the world, because they’re more than deserving to be playing on that weekend.”

Bryant not only showed humility and class, but intelligence with that statement. He knows he’s been there and done that. His health is the most important thing at this point, and playing in the All Star game is at the bottom of his priority list at this point. After all, he doesn’t want to be in the same conversation as a guy like Allen Iverson.

Remember, Iverson was voted into the game in the 2010 season when he was with the Memphis Grizzlies and averaged just over 12 points per game to go with just under four assists. To say that was a disgrace to the game of basketball and All Star Weekend as a whole would be an understatement. I’m sure Bryant doesn’t want to end up in that kind of predicament. At least, he hopes the fans are smarter than that.

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  • Jimmy

    Fuck you pussy!!! Kobe could never be a.i cuz kobe is the fakest dude in he nba. Iverson deserves to be in any damn all star game that he wants to be in.

  • kakapupu

    I disagree with this article dissing A.I like that. I know his career didn’t end nicely, but still the guy deserves alot more respect than that. He single handedly transcended the culture of the sport. The author of this article gets the finger for this one.

  • Arnaud Balma

    To the author: You do remember that AI was replaced by Joe Johnson in that All Star Game right? He didn’t play because he had to take care of his daughter. He was also having a better year than Kobe did this season. I’m shaking my head at you