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Picking the Best Lineup For the 2014 NBA Three-Point Contest

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Creating the Ideal NBA Three-Point Contest Lineup

Creating The Ideal NBA Three-Point Contest Lineup
Brett Davis-USA Today Sports

The NBA All-Star festivities are approaching very quickly, with just 21 days until the events begin in New Orleans. The ironic thing about the NBA All-Star weekend is that the event that gets the least attention paid to it is the actual game itself. Personally, I prefer Friday night's activity, the Rising Stars game, more than the Sunday night All-Star game, and I prefer Saturday night's Slam Dunk Contest, Skills Competition and Three-Point Contest over the Rising Stars game and the All-Star game.

Every All-Star game needs to have a skills competition accompany it. The NBA has been doing All-Star games the right way, while the NFL and MLB haven't. MLB does have the Home Run Derby, but some fans say they would like to also be able to watch other baseball-related skills competitions along with the derby. The NFL used to have skills competitions with the much-criticized Pro Bowl, but they don't anymore.

The main criticism that the NBA's skills competitions draw, particularly the Three-Point Contest and the Slam Dunk Competition, is that they don't usually include the game's biggest stars. This year probably won't be different -- it will probably include a few lesser known stars, maybe a veteran or two, and a few young players as well. For this slideshow, I will be making the ideal Three-Point Contest lineup, not necessarily the most realistic.

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Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

Kyle Korver definitely belongs in the Three-Point Contest. Korver is in the midst of a streak that has seen him hit at least one three-pointer in 110 straight games.

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Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson
Kelley L. Cox-USA Today Sports

Klay Thompson is currently the NBA's leader in made threes, with 132. He is shooting 42 percent from behind the arc on the season. I wasn't going to choose two players from the same team, considering I'm picking three from the Western Conference and three from the Eastern Conference, and I felt Thompson was more deserving than teammate Stephen Curry.

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant
Derick E. Hingle-USA Today Sports

Kevin Durant is by far the biggest name that is in my lineup for the Three-Point Contest -- he may not participate in real life -- but the fans want to see superstars, so I'm giving you superstars. Durant is the lone legitimate challenger to LeBron James for the title of NBA's best current player, but James is still superior. From the three-point line, however, Durant has James beat. Durant is shooting 41 percent from beyond the three-point line this season and he has made 92 threes. He seems more than worthy.

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Spencer Hawes

Spencer Hawes
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

In most years, there is a big man participating in the Three-Point Contest, and this year will be no different. Not only is Spencer Hawes a big man, but he is also legitimately worthy of shooting threes during NBA All-Star Weekend. On the season, Hawes has made 65 threes on 41 percent shooting.

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Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard
Troy Taormina-USA Today Sports

Damian Lillard is second in the NBA in made threes, just one behind Klay Thompson with 131. He is one of the NBA's most exciting young stars, and he is nearing superstardom very quickly.

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Last Year's Champ, Kyrie Irving

Last Year's Champ, Kyrie Irving
David Richard-USA Today Sports

The previous winner of any competition should always be given the chance to repeat as champion. In this case, Kyrie Irving is the subject. Irving may not have the highest three-point percentage, at just 37 percent, or even the most made threes, with just 72, but he deserves a spot in the lineup because he won in 2013.