Boston Celtics Rumors: Team Won't Trade Rajon Rondo to New York Knicks

By Andrew Fisher
Rajon Rondo
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As we get closer to the NBA trade deadline, more and more rumors swirl across the internet. One week a player is going to this team, the next week they’re going to that team. You truly never know what to believe. But if there’s one thing that you can basically take to the bank this trade deadline season,  it’s that Rajon Rondo won’t be going to the New York Knicks.

It’s not that the Knicks don’t want him, because by most accounts they’re very interested in the All-Star point guard. It’s that the Boston Celtics have no intention of trading Rondo unless they get one heck of deal in return.

When it comes to tradeable assets, the Knicks really don’t have a whole lot to offer. Iman Shumpert‘s name of course comes up anytime a deal like this is rumored, but I’m guessing it would take Shumpert, another player or two and a first round pick to land Rondo. The pick would be the real kicker, but the Knicks don’t have one to spare this year. In fact, they only have one first round selection in the next three drafts.

I completely get why the Knicks would want Rondo. They should want him. He might be able to make a huge difference in the Big Apple. But on the other side of things, the side that controls everything, there’s no reason to deal the star PG. The Celtics aren’t going to trade a player the caliber of Rondo to the Knicks, or any team for that matter, unless it will benefit them greatly down the road.


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